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In order to enable us to achieve our goals and achieve our mission with our companies in the Gulf Oil Services Co strategy to focus on expanding the scope investment in the oil, gas, petroleum industry, Energy, general engineering and crude oil trade sectors and General petroleum products to build a track record of business, achievements and project development in the target sectors to achieve the company’s objectives and growth the national target through the creation of mega-investment projects of benefit to all, the employment of the largest number of unemployed and the achievement of economic Development as a whole


is a set of rules, practices and processes designed to achieve and build on this the glue practices between the company’s stakeholders ‘ expectations shareholders, management, clients and supervision corporate governance is not limited to commitment to legal affairs, legislation, regulations and risk management Only it is a system that covers all aspects of the company’s business and scope and in the Gulf Co. we believe that good governance is one of the key factors for success and continuity in the long run, we are committed to achieving the highest levels of transparency in our board of Directors to strengthen our relations with our customers, business partners and shareholders. and staff to build the confidence that we aim for we are doing our best to improve corporate governance practices by improving the capacities of board members and management team and creating a better working environment in accordance with best corporate governance practices and risk management.


Sustainable development: our social responsibility in the Gulf Co. is the philosophy of our company and an integral part of our responsibility and management to Business.

We are committed to conducting our operations in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner as we strive to achieve the objectives of our work, and we believe that Strong financial performance allows us to continue to support important environmental and community projects, and we continually assess the impact of our operations on the environment and promote environmental awareness with our staff. As part of the responsibility and there is part of the Gulf Co. Profits will be divided to support social projects that provide services People and change their lives to be more advanced and our ambition is to achieve optimum operational performance in an environmentally responsible manner and with constant care in accordance with the latest global regulations based on the following guidelines:

  • Working in cooperation with local regulators and authorities in each state to find the best solutions to environmental issues.
  • Continually improve environmental performance by minimizing waste generation.
  • Seek reuse and recycling of resulting waste, restore energy where possible and dispose of residual waste safe.
  • Continuous monitoring and measurement of key aspects of those processes and activities with significant environmental impact.
  • Educating staff and clients on the highest standards of environmental responsibility, enhancing their awareness of environmental issues, conducting regular assessments and auditing global accounts and systems.