The Gulf for Oil Services, Contracting &Supplyingin2005 in Hadramuat Governorate, under the license number (3873) and the headquarters of the main company in Aden Governorate-hole in the Republic of Yemen registered in the Ministry of Commerce and registered in the Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals as a private company with limited liability. Gulf Co. is one of the most prominent companies involved in oil services, oil products trading, oil and gas projects and oil industry., import, export, general engineering, transport and general maintenance, construction of oil pipelines, heavy equipment leasing and specialized It possesses substantial financial efficiency and heavy engineering equipment and possesses all the expertise and technical cadres in all fields and disciplines and has partnership with many companies aims to work in great business with the power of participation in the delivery and execution of public and private projects in many areas, the Company of a gulf capable of developing very good public relations with all the companies and local market trends as well as being able to get global corporate confidence that are at the same time aimed at improving human development and the national economy and working with the private sector to promote the economy and development and the foundation works In the international regulations and rules to improve the environment and safety and occupational health to all employees and why the Gulf Co. Corporation is successful continuous and proactive development while preserving values, integrity, services and social responsibility thanks to the will of the Director General and the management of the foundation The cadre and technician of our company have been developed and this company has been able to enter into a collaborative and commercial partnership with many companies in all fields in order to be strongly involved in the contribution of the national private sector in the Republic of Yemen, where our company has adapted itself and enhanced its technical and technological capabilities and has become The name of the Gulf is a milestone and commitment and the timely completion of the work to become a leading company in Yemen and the world.


In my name and on behalf of the members of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to welcome you all on behalf of all the employees of the Gulf Co. All fields of work celebrated by the Gulf Co, as we have an effort to provide the best always for our dear customers and we will continue to change more effort to extend the bridges of trust in our services between us and our valued customers. system oil business and general contracting to keep up with recent developments in Yemen and live up to the ranks of advanced countries through the optimal use of the strategy team spirit of the enterprise, and through excellence and innovation enjoyed by our team in all aspects of the work. In conclusion, we ask Mawla full time of success and payment to you and us, all praise.


The Gulf Co, to become a leading company in all business, work, export and import of petroleum products through continuous development of project implementation at the level of oil sector companies, general engineering construction, economic development, etc. and to be major companies in Yemen In all industrial, commercial and engineering construction areas are the most confident at the global levels in all operations and be the most credible and fair in Their relationships with customers and create a great and continuous value for the admiration and satisfaction of our clients in all Yemen in our large, credible and high-quality services to We remain the best at the level of Yemen, in recognition and respect for those who are with us to promote the industrial, physical and commercial realities of Yemen and the countries of the world.


  • 1. High level of delivery of projects, services and products in accordance with quality standards of the world, taking into account their social, economic and environmental responsibilities.
  • 2. The Gulf Co believes that the company’s development process is linked to the development of its human resources.
  • 3. The Gulf Co is keen to satisfy all its customers.
  • 4. Gulf Co has experts in all engineering, commercial and other fields the main objective is Keep abreast of the era of globalization.


  • 1. Human component:

    Our staffs are the most important reasons for our success, teamwork, the operation of the National lab our force, training and development, and the creation of a spirit of competition and creativity to achieve the company’s objectives.
  • 2. Excellence:

    Excellence in all our work and dissemination of modern best practices to achieve profitable and sustainable growth.
  • 3. Integrity:

    We nurture and support the values and principles of organization to serve society and achieve the highest standards of transparency and integrity at work.
  • 4.Loyalty:

    loyalty to the company in our attitudes, behavior, commitment and deeds corresponds to our values.
  • 5. Customer Service:

    We offer our best services to our customers at home and abroad.
  • 6. Quality:

    Quality first.
  • 7. Creativity:

    Creativity and continuous development in all areas of the work of the institution.
  • 8. Partnership:

    the Gulf Services n is keen to strengthen the collaborative partnership with all companies Its affiliate and considers itself an integral extension not its common workers.
  • 10. Responsibility:

    The Foundation is committed to improving people’s lives and developing and serving the community where there are projects Activities of general benefit, as well as the preservation of safety and the environment, are applicable to the highest standards of international safety.
  • 11. Care:

    Create a positive working environment for the staff of the Foundation.